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Steps to Entering Aged Care

Before you can enter any aged care facility, an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) must assess you. ACATs are teams of health professionals, such as doctors, nurses or social workers, who provide information, advice and assistance to older people who are having difficult living at home.

You can contact ACAT directly on the My Aged Care Website or be referred by your doctor, medical centre or local hospital.

An ACAT will then:

Assess your individual needs taking into account your home life, medical history and support networks to work out the best care option for you; Determine what level of care is required; Give you information about residential aged care. A member of the ACAT Team can travel to your home to complete the assessment

ACAT assessments are free. You will receive a copy of your assessment in person or by mail.

Please note an ACAT is also required for Respite Care.

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