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Torbay has been providing residential aged care services to the people of Hervey Bay since 1976. Throughout that time, the site has experienced significant change and growth. As the needs of our residents have changed, so has the way we operate. Torbay – Torquay currently hosts 150 Residential aged care rooms and has a large team of specialist staff to help provide outstanding services to our residents.

Torbay has recently gone through a large renovation period in which all of our facilities have been upgraded through our own construction company – Torbay Constructions. These renovations where completed so that we could offer the most comfortable and homely environment for our residents to enjoy their time.

Torbay is proud of its reputation for being the number one facility in Hervey Bay for Residential Aged Care. With over 40 years of experience come see our Admissions officer today to discuss how we can develop a care package to suit your needs.

Torbay isn’t just about the clinical, it’s a real community home for our residents, with services from out hotel services to our lifestyle programs we offer all the solutions you need to live a life of comfort and entertainment. Residents are encouraged to make the most of their rooms and are given the freedom to bring their own possessions to individualise their environment.

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