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Allied Health Services

Living Well

Living well is about achieving balance across the social, spiritual, emotional and physical areas of your life. At Torbay, our allied health and other care services provide for your physical needs, and all of our other services use our resort-style environment to promote and support your wellness.

Improving Mobility

Your mobility and independence are co-dependent. Our Allied Health Team are all about keeping you moving. Whether the focus is on your posture, balance, muscle strength or pain management, our team develop and implement tailored allied health programs for you to improve your mobility, and to achieve your goals for living well and staying active.

Staying Active

At Torbay staying active means being able to do the things you want to do. It is your choice how you like to be active and our goal to assist and support you in your pursuits. Whether these consist of individual or group activities, our Allied Health Team working in conjunction with our other services will help you meet your goals in a positive and rewarding way.

At Torbay we want you to live well, because we know that living well is the foundation improving and maintaining your mobility, staying active and enjoying your older years.

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